Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The quirky and the cute.

Sometimes there are things in this world that are so indescribably cute and quirky that it needs its own genre or category. Tada's Revolution is one of those genres. Tada's Revolution is a great little blog that follows a funny cast of animal doll characters. 

I saw these pictures while browsing through flickr and was mesmerized by them not only because of the cute dolls themselves but the unbelievable level of detail in the miniature background settings and the professional photography and lighting. The humor is quirky, weird, and never too sugar-coated. Just the way I like it. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Empty journal... empty thoughts...

I got this really wonderful journal awhile back from my boyfriend. Its probably the nicest if not the best journal I've ever gotten. Problem is... Its too nice. XD I haven't cracked it open and drawn in it yet. I feel like its one of those types of journals where you have to do like a rough draft BEFORE you put it in the book. 


Its a handcrafted book by Iona Handcrafted Books. My boyfriend got it while he was in Austin. Its a very lovely book. Handtorn watercolor paper, banana leaf endpages, and a super thick leather jacket. Looks like something that Indiana Jones or someone who is well-travelled to have in their bag. I've sort of stowed it away on the bookshelf until the day I feel inspired to start putting something in it. Hopefully that day comes. XD I've always loved the really intricate artwork and ideas that other people put in their journals. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life on a string...

Sometimes its nice to just break away from the laptop and graphics programs and just do some good ol fashion needlework or paint something. I think that's why I love being a designer as well as an artist because I get to work in between several different mediums.  (Plus, I get bored very quickly!)

I've gotten very interested in more embroidery-type work. I keep running into lovely embroidery hoop art on etsy and its really inspired me to grab myself a wooden hoop and get to stitchin'! But I'm nowhere near as good as hardcore embroidery people. 

Red Dragonfly

Here's a few of the cool things I found quite inspiring today:

By dailythreads.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updated goodness!!!

I'm so horrible at updating this blog! My goodness! But I have alot of fun things I've been doing this past week. So here we go! 

Buttons & Thead Anytime Card

Buttons & Thead Anytime Card

Buttons & Thead Anytime Card

I'm introducing a different style of printable card at my shop. Its a trifold style with a diecut. What's really cool about this card is that it can pretty much adapt to alot of different occasions so its great for when the Hallmark shop is little out of reach. You can either write in your message or simply cut and paste the messages that come with the template. I'm allowing customers to request certain messages to come with the templates in case they're looking for something a little more custom. You can see how it all comes out in the youtube tutorial video!

Matchbox Calendar

Matchbox Calendar

I've also designed my very first calendar set today! Its done in a simple vintage-y matchbox kind of style. Hence the name "Matchbox Calendar Set". They are mini calendars and great for the office or just to print and give away. I'm just so happy with the way these came out. I haven't really flexed my designerly muscle in a long time. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A fun video tutorial for one of my card designs!

This is a fun little promotional video and tutorial to show people how they can make my cards at home. It features my newest card creation: an owl-shaped card! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool Mail!

I get random mail from this stock photography website that I made an account with. I've never bought a single photo from them but they keep sending me stuff in the mail and alot of it is pretty cool stuff. Like this mailer. My dad was all like "It has a secret message if you look at it in the sunlight!!!". lol All it says is photosynthesis. You can't quite see it in the first picture but you can KINDA see it in the second one. The letters jump out as a more vivid green color when you see it in person. Its pretty cool. Its supposed to promote something green-related. lol Thought I'd share this cuz I like stuff that changes in the sunlight. XD

It was funny cuz our neighbor who was mowing his lawn was like "Why are you guys staring at that piece of cardboard??"