Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The quirky and the cute.

Sometimes there are things in this world that are so indescribably cute and quirky that it needs its own genre or category. Tada's Revolution is one of those genres. Tada's Revolution is a great little blog that follows a funny cast of animal doll characters. 

I saw these pictures while browsing through flickr and was mesmerized by them not only because of the cute dolls themselves but the unbelievable level of detail in the miniature background settings and the professional photography and lighting. The humor is quirky, weird, and never too sugar-coated. Just the way I like it. 


  1. You are sooooo right! I love it! The whole things makes you want to buy the doll to have that little bit of quirk for yourself.

  2. Cute teddies, cute blog. Congrats.

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