Saturday, April 25, 2009

Empty journal... empty thoughts...

I got this really wonderful journal awhile back from my boyfriend. Its probably the nicest if not the best journal I've ever gotten. Problem is... Its too nice. XD I haven't cracked it open and drawn in it yet. I feel like its one of those types of journals where you have to do like a rough draft BEFORE you put it in the book. 


Its a handcrafted book by Iona Handcrafted Books. My boyfriend got it while he was in Austin. Its a very lovely book. Handtorn watercolor paper, banana leaf endpages, and a super thick leather jacket. Looks like something that Indiana Jones or someone who is well-travelled to have in their bag. I've sort of stowed it away on the bookshelf until the day I feel inspired to start putting something in it. Hopefully that day comes. XD I've always loved the really intricate artwork and ideas that other people put in their journals. 

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  1. Van! I know what you mean.
    I bought a book when I was in Italy at this really cool shop. I was going to sketch in it and I did do one sketch. That was 4 years ago and I still haven't used another page in it.
    I'm torn between keeping it forever and actually using it because it's just so cool!
    I think yours would benefit from some use because of the softness of the cover. You are much more of an artist than I am and this could be something your children and grandchildren would treasure if it were full of your sketches.