Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool Mail!

I get random mail from this stock photography website that I made an account with. I've never bought a single photo from them but they keep sending me stuff in the mail and alot of it is pretty cool stuff. Like this mailer. My dad was all like "It has a secret message if you look at it in the sunlight!!!". lol All it says is photosynthesis. You can't quite see it in the first picture but you can KINDA see it in the second one. The letters jump out as a more vivid green color when you see it in person. Its pretty cool. Its supposed to promote something green-related. lol Thought I'd share this cuz I like stuff that changes in the sunlight. XD

It was funny cuz our neighbor who was mowing his lawn was like "Why are you guys staring at that piece of cardboard??" 


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