Sunday, September 20, 2009


Been incredibly busy these past few months! Unfortunately I haven't had any time at all to craft anything. My latest addition to my etsy shop has been this new calendar design. My calendars are doing quite well sales-wise and i think its because people really liked the timeless quality of my Matchbox Style calendar set. I really wanted to do something sophisticated and elegant. Something inspired from vintage wine bottles and stuff. I really like how these came out. They should be quite versatile.

In other news, I've been working for a design and advertising firm called El Creative in Dallas. I started an internship there at the beginning of the summer and they loved me so much that they actually hired me on as a part-time designer. Its quite exciting. Its a very small design group (only four guys and me), but I've had a good time so far and they've really enjoyed my work. What's great about working there is that they really love to embrace design styles from past eras and I've come to learn alot of various "looks" just from being around the studio and seeing them work. I'd love to take what i've learned from the studio and eventually apply it to my stationery and calendar designs. :)

In other OTHER news, I've also been working with a partner to start up a t-shirt company. Its called Mekkem and its in its baby-stages right now. I'm quite anxious to see how it'll work out. Most of the design ideas are coming from my partner and I've been the one to make them happen. For the most part, the designs are targeted towards a predominantly male consumer group. Its kind of interesting because most of the stuff I've done is fairly feminine so it would be nice to flex my designerly muscle in something that is more masculine. Just wanna be your friendly neighborhood designer.