Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovely lovely...

Its been kind of hard financially around here for the past few weeks. Freelance projects seemed to have shriveled up for me. I don't know if its the economy or what, but I'll need to find a "real job" at some point. It kind of sucks because I really liked just hanging around all day doing whatever I wanted. :P Its a shame. 

I got an email today from saying that my website is the top#1 site created this past week. That's nice to know. I did update it this past Thursday. I'm gonna try to update it every Thursday with a new webcomic. Let's see if that works out. XD 

Besides moping around, I did get to work on more etsy projects. I finally got my camera back today. Here are a few things that are about to go into my etsy shop in the next few days.  

Dandelions Printable Digital Card and Envelope Set (includes a designs for general use, "Happy Birthday" and "Thank You."

Paisley Girl Printable Digital Card and Envelope Set (includes designs for general use, "Happy Birthday", and "Thank You".

"Orange you glad to see me" 5 x 7 embroidered art print. 

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