Monday, January 12, 2009

Productivity is a hard thing to produce

Helloooo, new blog that nobody reads except for me. 

Today wasn't too productive. I have the horrible habit of just letting the day slip by without even noticing it until its already 6 o clock and the sun is going down. I freak out quite a bit since nowadays the sun seems to go down earlier and earlier. I used to have my own nightowl tendencies where I'd be the most productive during the weeeeee hours of the night but now I think that I just use that time to goof off even more. :P 
I mostly doodled today. I'm hoping this might turn into some kind of pattern I can use for stationery later on. Either that or fall into the heap of forgotten doodles in the corner of my room. I dunno. I feel as though I have the start of many interesting ideas but then they seem to fade into nothing after I work on them. Amazing how that happens. 

My plan for the new year was to be productive too, but 12 days in I'm not feeling TOO confident in that. :P I honestly don't know how productive people do it. Do they just wake up and start working right away? Do they eat? Do they take potty breaks? Do they ever daydream or find themselves wondering things like why New York City is called the Big Apple? Do they ever stop to go wikipedia something? Because that's what I do. Because I'm HUMAN, damnit. PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE ARE ROBOTS!

Okay so maybe I'm a little over-reacting, but seriously. Some people are just like a force to be reckoned with. Some of college companions were those types of people. Constantly working... constantly being TOTALLY AWESOMER THAN EVERYONE. What's up with that? Thanks alot for raising the bar to an absolutely impossible level. I'm a short girl. I can't jump that high. 


I spent the weekend with the bf and he bought me these wonderful books by Aranzi Aronzo. LOVE THESE GUYS. I love the characters. I aspire to create funny cartoons like them. None of them have to make any sense and that's exactly the way I like to jive. But I may try my hand making every single character. They are just too darn adorable to give up. Wonderfully cute and senseless.


We also picked up some wonderful fabric scraps at Hobby Lobby (YES, the Great Lobby of Hobbies!!!) I think if I just had a collection of cool fabric scraps, I could die happy. Just roll up my dead body in all that fabric and I'm good to go. Seriously, I think fabric designers have the greatest job ever. A technicolored, pattern-happy job. 

What else did I do today besides actually work on anything? Made mini apple pies. Yeah, that's right. MINI APPLE PIES. Their size does not match the greatness of their tasty flaky goodness.


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  1. Ah! I love Aranzi Aronzo's books! Not to mention the items in the online shop are all so cute.

    And don't feel bad about not doing so well on being productive (I also made a resolution to be more productive this year but I've faltered a bit..) - It's still very early in the year and there are still about 353 days left. =)