Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cute food stuffs and buttons galore

I made a cupcake keychain today as you can see. I do have a major weakness for anything that has pastries and cakes on it. Its kind of an obsession. I don't think guys really understand why girls love things that have cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream cones on them. Or really anything that is food-related, you know? Its like the chocolate thing I guess. They don't understand what these foods do to us. Its like... indescribable how important these things are to women. :P  

Anyway, the keychain will be on etsy tomorrow for anyone who just absolutely adores it. 

I also made this amazing bracelet! I'm REALLY debating on whether I want to add it to my etsy or not. Its reaaallly hard to decide because I've fallen madly in love with it. Its an entirely new design that just came to me when I was staring at my pile of unused buttons. I kept thinking "I NEED TO USE THESE SOMEHOW! I HAVE TO!" Its so cute. It goes well with alot of my outfits... Oh forget it, its mine. XD Nobody can have it. I'm sorry. lol


  1. Aww~~ I love the keychain!
    and lol at the bracelet. I would do the same thing too. x]

  2. hi!

    saw you on the etsy forum,

    your blog is really, really cute! How do you add the "etsy" box on the side like that??