Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cards, sewing, and needle-related accidents...

Today I made a bunch of Valentines Day-themed cards. It was alot of fun. Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble with my camera today. It kept giving me really low-lit images even though I was in a pretty well-lit room with ample light from a nearby window. I really need to get better at using my Nikon d80. Such a confusing little machine compared to a point and click camera that I was so used to before I got it. :P Technology is never always on your side I guess...

Besides cards, I was itching to make a pencil case! I'm so happy with the way it came out. Its just soooo daaarn cuuute that I can barely let myself list it on Etsy. Its made of felt, of course. And buttons! I need to use more buttons in my work. I think they lend a bit of charm.   

Unfortunately, during the making of this pencil case, I actually sat on a needle. Yes. my butt was a temporary pin cushion for like the 16th time now. So I got very fed up and made myself a pin cushion for all my needles to sit on. Its like a small pillow. I tried to look for a small doll that I didn't really care for and pretend that its my ex-boyfriend or somebody that I really dislike... something I could use for a pin-cushion/voodoo doll (kill two birds with one stone, I say!). But also, this pillow cushion will do. 


  1. Aww!! These cards are so cute!!
    Found your blog through your etsy~
    I might buy one sometime..*o*

    and looking down further~ I'll also add that I love the Aranzi Aronzo books~ I have almost all of them! I can't wait until the baby one comes out~ owo

    Can't wait to see more of your work~! E>

  2. Your pencil case is too adorable. I love buttons.