Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello hello helloo

I've been incredibly busy as well as incredibly lazy this past week. I've mostly been working on freelance graphic design work as well as new items for my etsy shop and haven't had a moment's peace! So here are some of the new items for the shop!

Rainbow Brooch
Rainbow Brooch!

Smiling Strawberry Brooch
Strawberry Brooch!

Slap Happy Birthday Printable Collage Set
Printable Birthday-Themed Collage Set!

Printable Funky Octopus Stationery
Printable Octopus Stationery Set!

Printable Yoyo Stationery
Printable Yoyo Stationery Set!

I'm introducing brooches to the collection! They're so much fun to make! I've been pinning all sorts of things on myself. :P I'm also working on something I call Felt Art Patches... but more on that next week!

Besides working on some new projects for the etsy shop and my design clients, I've also recently signed a contract with Juna Studio. I'll be designing all sorts of pattern designs and graphics to be sold to retail markets and buyers. I hope it works out well. I'll be busting my ass around here trying to submit enough designs every month. Wish me luck! 

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