Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ushering in the Year of the Ox

We celebrated Chinese New Year the other night. It is officially the Year of the Ox, which actually happens to be my Chinese Zodiac sign, believe it or not. I'm not usually the superstitious type, but due to my mother's unwavering attention to all things Zodiac when it comes to "reading" people... I do come back to it every once and awhile. 

Its hard not to read your own horoscope and think to yourself "Oh man... alot of this can really apply to me." I guess there are aspects of the Ox that I do find very applicable to my personality. I am stubborn at times, and I worry incessantly about stuff that I'm not familiar with. I'm introverted, speak very little, and I do believe that things come only through a steady pace of hard work. Coincidence? Probably.

My family is predominantly Vietnamese, and yes, Vietnamese celebrate Chinese New Year as well. My grandfather on my dad's side is Chinese though. So I guess I am one fourth Chinese? My mother was calling family last night to tell them Happy New Year and she told me that my grandpa said I shouldn't worry so much. I rarely speak with my grandfather (mainly because of a language barrier) but he never fails to puzzle me with how well he pinpoints people's weaknesses. For awhile now, I've been incredibly worrisome for a number of reasons, however, I never really disclosed this to my grandfather at any time. I mean, the man is half way across the globe. How would he know that I'm worried? I'm pretty certain the man has mystical psychic powers. :P

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