Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One funky fresh panda

Today I listed my first printable stationery set! I'm totally excited. I wanted to do something kind of whimsical and I finally found a use for that little doodle I drew a few weeks back. Very very thrilled with how this came out.

The set includes a flat card, folded card, gift tags, bookmarks, and a letterhead. I can't wait to design another set. :) I am debating whether I should include the option of pre-printed stationery sets. I feel like that can only get more expensive for the customer and in these days, I assume people would want to cut costs as much as possible. I don't know. I'm still weighing the pros and cons between selling pre-printed vs print-your-own. What do you guys think?

My friend Bradley also created a Facebook group for my GOVANGO etsy site! Just search GOVANGO in the groups section if you want to add me! :)


  1. I personally like preprinted cards due to my printer not being that great. Very cute card btw : )