Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lavender kittens and birthday girls...

Hello all! The other day I went to a small birthday party for my old friend Sarah. She turns 23 this month, which only reminded me that I will also be turning 23 this upcoming February. For her present, I thought I'd dish out one of my handmade journals. Despite the time consuming process and paper cuts, I'm usually thrilled with making coptic-stitch blank journals. I personalized this set for Sarah who happens to like lavender and kitty cats. :) I also threw in some cute notecards.

My favorite part is actually the binding. Its just not a book until you bind it all, and its all of a sudden a THING that can be used. XD I learned coptic stitching on youtube actually. There's tons of great video tutorials. I could spend all day watching them.

On an entirely different note: govango is finally on Twitter! Yup. My username is govango so feel free to add me on there for even more updating awesomeness.

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